Doing NFT Hydroponics as a hobby

NFT Hydroponics is probably one of the most interesting hobbies that you can get. To see a plant growing from seed to harvest in record times in only a thin layer of water (with a bit of nutrients) can be very satisfying. There are so many studies and interesting stuff you can do. Photography and plant behaviour studies like in the photos below is but just a drop in the sea.

Swiss Chard behavior study under certain conditions

Swiis Chard Growth in a Grow Machines NFT system after 35 days from transplant.

You can test grow basically any type of plant. See how fast you can grow them. See how large you can grow them. See how big you can grow their fruits. See how tasty you can grow your plants and their fruits. Grow your own herbs and improve your cooking incredibly. Do hormone treatments on them and see what happens. Combine them in colors and decorate. Combine them in variety and decorate. Put them in funny positions and see how they behave. Change your nutrient compositions and see what happens. Change the solution pH and see what happens. Grow them, take them out with roots and all and give it to your best friend as a living plant. Grow the plants that you think will not grow in our systems and see how they behave. Make cutlings and grow cutlings in our system and see how they grow. Make pot flowers by growing them fast and clean in NFT and then transplant them in pots and sell them. Grow plants that you have never grown before. See how many types of plants you can grow, record it with photographs and publish it on our Grow Machines Facebook Club page to tell everybody about your experience. See if you can grow some of the most expensive plants in the world like vanilla. Grow speciality plants like orchads in NFT - This is probably the system that simulates their natural environment the best by far. Make your own NFT garden. Grow indoors and outdoors. Use light colours to manipulate your plants and see how they suddenly flower on your instruction or see how they delay flowering on your instruction. Grow feed for your horse in doors or in winter. Teach your children how to grow with NFT systems. Eat up your plants and enjoy your delicuous fresh creations like you never had before. Or simply see how much money you can make from it.

Join our Grow Machines Facebook Club and learn and share the excitement with other people. This is incredible! We just know you will love it! We hope to see you there!

If you have a yard of reasonable size, please see our commercial systems page. Our commercial systems are designed to produce as much as possible in as little as possible space. You can easily produce up to 10 000 or even more lettuce heads in a reasonable size yard at the same time. As long as you have some space, fresh water and electricity available anything is possible. a Standard size production row capable of growing up to 3500 lettuce heads only requires 180 square meters (30m x 6m). You don't neccesarilly need a farm or a plot to do this. Take note that we can adopt our systems to suite your requirements as well. Please see our commercial page.

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