Plant life support systems


Any hydroponic systems needs an ''engine", something to drive and support the hydroponic system and the plants. We developed the ultimate machine over a period of 12 years to support plant growth in soilless hydroponic systems. It became much more than just an engine and is now one of the most advanced plant life support systems in existance, capable of supporting up to 1200 fully grown tomato plants.

Enjoy the benefits of a system that can supply plants with the right amount of water, a system that can filter and sterilize, cool or heat, oxygenate and boost natural plant growth processes, adjust the chemistry, boost immunity and health, fertilize, measure, dose, monitor, report, record and alarm and you can do all this at the machine or at the leasure of your cellphone, laptop or even a control room if you intend to become a Mega Farmer.

South Africa is in the forefront of hydroponic technology...


We manufacture and supply a unique Nutrient Film Technique hydroponic system for trellis and medicinal crops that is turning heads with its record breaking capabilities...

Record breaking cherry tomato yields
soilless growing technology

Grow Machines design, develop and manufacture world class soilless hydroponic systems. We hold the patent for the first real Nutrient Film Technique Trellis Crop Hydroponic system, a technology that has been revolutionizing the way in which larger plants are produced hydroponically. The system is generally refered to as the "Hallelujah" hydroponic system. With its record breaking performance it is becoming one of the most cost effective and environmental friendly ways to produce plants and food on earth. This technology is setting a standard for best practise.


Trusted and proven Ebb & Flow technology that enables you to become self sustainable...





Your contact:

Wynand Bezuidenhout

Prof. Cert. Engineer

+27(0) 82 338 2051


Please send a WhatsApp message or phone us. We removed our e-mail  to prevent cyber attacks.

Wynand is the founder and owner of Grow Machines with more than 14 years experience in hydroponic system development. He is the inventor of our unique trellis crop hydroponic system and all our products. He dedicated 10 years of his life and sacrificed more than 14 million rand to develop systems that can make a positive difference to humanity. Wynand is a passionate inventor, engineer and maker with exceptional skills in CAD design, electronic, mechanical, fluids and electrical engineering. Wynand practised hydroponics since 2008 and have been actively involved in client production and improvement for the entire existance of Grow Machines. He is the most competent person to assist you with your hydroponic system designs and planning. 


Doing hydroponics at home is even more fun than doing it commercially. Become self sustainable and grow your own food the easy way...


Our NFT trellis crop system turned out to be the perfect system to grow high grade medicinal plants. We dont support the cultivation of illegal substances and have a zero tollerance approach on illegal production of any drug. Please ensure that you are licensed or have a permit or that you are in a formal process to obtain it before you contact us on this topic. Our equipment is available to help people and not to destroy lifes. Contact us for advise.



Planning your hydroponic operation is critical for succes, doing it without the experience can be fatal to your new bussiness. Make use of our valuable experience and let us help you plan your new bussines...


We offer Basic Soilless Hydroponics Training as well as advanced NFT hydroponics training...

Plant Life Support System (Inside the Engine)

The "Engine" that drives the hydroponic system

MeerKat Hydroponics Management System

All is manufactured in South Africa

measure, monitor & manage


Hydroponic farming is intensive farming.The goal is to get as much production possible on as little as possible area foot print. With todays technology you can be a Mega Farmer on an area as small as one hectare and you can start a sustainable farming bussiness on an area as small as one thousand square meters or 0,1 hectare...but you need to be in touch with your plants or else you may create a jail for yourself like with most other intensive farming operations.

Sometimes you need a break. We all do. That is why we developed the MeerKat system. The Meerkat system is a computerised measuring, monitoring, alarming, control and management system specifically designed for hydroponic systems. You can now monitor and control your hydroponic systems from the oboard controller with HMI touchscreen or you can even access it from your Android Smart Phone or Laptop.

With your permission Grow Machines can also access your hydroponic systems and assist, mentor and train you to maintain your plants and equipment in a healthy state.